Coalition of Parent Advocate Groups Issue Urgent Call to Keep Schools Open

Parent groups across the country respond to school closures & shifts to remote in K-12 schools

(Nationwide) — Responding to an alarming spate of actual and threatened closures of schools across the country and sudden shifts to remote learning, parent groups across the nation have come together to reiterate the message that, despite an uptick in Covid-19 cases and the surge of the Omicron variant, schools are safe, essential and must remain open for in-person learning.

Throughout this pandemic children have been subjected to the harshest restrictions, despite being the lowest-risk demographic. For over 21 months children have been forced to pay the greatest price, while adults have largely gone on with their lives and recreational activities. This has led the Surgeon General to declare a mental health crisis among American children for the first time in U.S. history.

President Biden, Education Secretary Cardona, and our prominent health experts and union leaders all unanimously agree that schools must remain open. Numerous studies have shown that children and staff are safer in school than outside of school, and there are multiple life-saving vaccines and treatments available to treat a virus which is no longer novel. The President has repeatedly said there will be no more lockdowns and schools and businesses should remain fully open, providing no logical rationale for closing schools.

We are in agreement with President Biden’s statement that “We can keep our K-through-12 schools open, and that’s exactly what we should be doing.”

Between a crushing epidemic of learning loss and deteriorating mental health, kids are suffering even more today than in 2020. We cannot move backwards: we must move forward and restore normalcy, which centers on in-person school for all kids across the country, in educational environments devoid of unnecessary restrictions on children.

We call on governors, mayors, superintendents, school boards, school administrators, teachers and parents to recognize the importance of in-person education for America’s children and keep our nation’s schools open.



Arlington Parents for Education, Virginia,

Ann Arbor Reasonable Return (A2R2)

Back to School PA PAC, Pennsylvania,

Baltimore County Parent and Student Coalition, Maryland, https:///

Bring Back MA, Massachusetts, https

California Students United, California,

CA Parent Power, California,

Cambridge Coalition for Public Education, Cambridge, MA Cambridge Coalition for Public Education (

Chicago Parents Collective,

Children First North Carolina, North Carolina

Committee for APS Progress, Atlanta, GA —

C.O.M.P.S. Coalition of Maryland Parents and Students

Concerned Parents of Carroll County MD

Davis Parent Coalition, California

Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition

ED300 (Oregon), Oregon

Educate. Advocate.

Fairfax County Parents Association, Virginia,

Falls Church City Parents for Schools,

Families for Opening Carlsbad Schools, California,

Jeffco Kids First Jefferson County, Colorado

Keep NYC Schools Open, New York,

LCPS Can Do Better, Virginia,

Montgomery County Families for Education and Accountability, Maryland,

Open Schools Monroe County, NY,

Open Schools USA,

Open Schools USA, Oregon

Open Schools Westchester, NY

Philadelphians for Open Schools @OpenSchoolsPHL

Reopen California Schools, California,

Restore Childhood, New York,

Unheard Parents, Oregon

UTLA Uncensored

Virginia Beach Back2Basics, Virginia

WA Coalition 4 Kids, Washington State

WNY Education Alliance, New York

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Parent and teacher advocacy for #OpenSchools in ALL communities across the United States