This week, more than two thirds of US school districts were open for in-person school, an encouraging milestone. For the first time, a plurality (39.7%) returned students five days a week. This only served to augment the well-established evidence that schools can be reopened safely.

Unfortunately, efforts to reopen schools took a big step backwards this week, as the CDC introduced new school guidance. It came under immediate fire for its likelihood to stymie school reopening, especially in the districts that have struggled to reopen. …

Dear Dr. Fauci,

I want to thank you for taking the time to answer the questions and address the concerns of educators across the country. We need your help badly — there is a lot of concern and misinformation in our ranks.

Many teachers support school reopening, and we have come together to form Teachers4OpenSchools, a group advocating for the safe, but urgent reopening of our schools.

With a growing multitude of evidence supporting the safety of open school buildings, it is time for America to prioritize the reopening of in-person learning for all K-12 schools. …

#KeepNYCSchoolsOpen Demands the City Immediately Discontinue “Two Unlinked Cases” Rule

We are a group of New York City public elementary school parents with children enrolled in blended learning. We are writing to you because we have reached a breaking point due to the city’s “two unlinked cases” rule that triggers a 10-day shutdown of a school building. We demand an immediate halt to the use of this rule.

Under this rule, if two unlinked cases of COVID-19 are found within a public school building within a seven day period, no matter its size or population, the Department of Education (DOE)…

Coast to coast, parents are demanding that leaders act on the consistent advice of public health experts and open previously-closed schools

December 6, 2020

NEW YORK CITY, SAN FRANCISCO — Parents across the United States are calling on leaders to follow the guidance of public health experts on COVID and schools, and to take urgent action to open schools in regions where they have been closed, in spite of low-to-moderate COVID rates.

This weekend, nine parent protests are happening across the US: in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Portland (OR), Atlanta, Nashville, New York City, and more. They share a common goal: reopening of schools in regions where public schools remain closed, yet private schools (and much more) have remained open.


Open Schools US

Parent and teacher advocacy for #OpenSchools in ALL communities across the United States

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